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It is our mission to celebrate and honor the leaders of the community for their unparalleled commitment to civic and social responsibility while raising awareness to citizens and entities for which the leaders advocate and advance across their respective communities on a daily basis.

I really wanted to share what an amazing job you have done with the Power Moves Award. I am not the wordsmith like my sister. I just know when I see the Spirit of God moving in people. I love that Sonja and I have been able to see the growth from year to year. I love to see how people get excited when they realize what the awards are all about. You and your team have really had a huge positive impact on our city! Keep being the light in the world that God has called us to be!
— Dr. Tonja Williams

The video is as nice as and as exceptionally done as the event! Thanks, Patrycya King Williams, for your work in uplifting and empowering girls AND recognizing ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
— Laquita Blount Stribling

My experience of the gala was hands down top notch to any event. What set the tone was the ambiance, spirit of love put behind it and best of all starting on time. As an honoree I was excited to be apart of history being apart of the inaugural honoree recipients. The award motivated me to continue to educate, enrich and enhance the lives of others in achieving their goals locally, regionally and internationally.
— Dr. Rubin Cockrell
The First Annual Power Moves Awards was a magnificent event. The brainchild of Patrycya King Williams, one woman,
who had a vision of great magnitude to
showcase and celebrate the work, lives and service of some ordinary Nashvillian’s doing extraordinary things.
It was an honor to be a part of this inaugural affair, a night of excellence...I am grateful to have been recognized for arts and entertainment, as well as having been able to share the keynote address. I salute all the power movers and Patrycya Williams as she made history and hopefully as we all encourage others to use their own power to make moves with what they have, right where they are!
— Gina Waters Miller
I had the opportunity to attend the Power Moves Award Gala recently. This was the inaugural year, let’s
just say this event was WOW … Wonderful Outstanding and Winning. The thought placed into and the
mission behind the Power Moves Award Gala is an event and cause that I was happy to and felt it an
honor supporting. Acknowledging local community hero’s and heroin’s …then giving back to the youth
in our community…phenomenal. PK Williams Enterprises outdid herself, she herself is a PowerMover!
And yes, I look forward to next year’s gala!
— Candace Jones

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Patrycya King Williams | CEO of PK Williams Enterprises

Patrycya King Williams | CEO of PK Williams Enterprises


PK Williams Enterprises is a company dedicated to giving back to the community. With a core emphasis on paying it forward, our vision is to:

  • Create unique community opportunities through educational awareness and community service

  • Provide mentorship to middle and high school students, with emphasis on young women, through the components of coaching, training and advocacy 

  • Provide scholarships and recognition to high school seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence through academic achievement and public service

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